VBFWM is Calling all Jr. Chefs! 
Do you have cooking skills? Want to share them in front of live audience? Have your cuisine creation judged by Nationally Accomplished Culinary Masters? If you have answered yes to all these questions we have an event for you…

We ask that you and your family join us!
On Saturday, Feb 17, 2018 
VBFWM event site at Riverside Park, Vero Beach.
Grand Prize:  VBFWM Trophy | $250.00 cash prize | With of course complete & total bragging rights,
                     Best of all to return in 2019 to VBFWM as the Jr. Chef champion and Jr.Judge…
Vero Beach Food, Wine & Music Junior Chef challenge rules are simple;
Rule 1 – No If’s, And’s or But’s: Parents Permission is a must!
Rule 2 – Age Range- Under 13
Rule 3 – Familiarity – You must Have a very good understanding of a kitchen and able to work with an open flame.
Rule 4 –  Do Share – Submit a 150 word essay and tell us why food, cooking is a passion for you. What it would mean to you if selected to be one of VBFWM Jr. Chef candidates….
Rule 5 –Entry Deadline: Friday December 1st, 2017

Register Here